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Health Services

*     Performing Health screenings as mandated by the PA Department of Health.
       Each student is weighed, measured every year starting in kindergarten.  Also the BMI is calculated on each student.
       Vision testing K-12.
       Hearing K-3, 7, 11.
       Scoliosis screening in grades 6,7.
*     Assessing and treating illnesses and injuries that occur during the school day.
*     Reviewing and monitoring immunizations on all children.
*     Providing a safe and healthy environment for students/employees.
*     Managing and controlling acute and chronic illnesses.
Please consider the following guidelines should be followed when making the decision whether to keep your child at home.  
*     Fever of 100 degrees or higher. Children should be fever free <100 degrees for 24 hours off of anti fever medication
       (Tylenol, Ibuprofen). 
*     If your child is sent home from school for vomiting or diarrhea they need to be home for 24 hours.
*     Acute and persistent cough.
*     Do not send your child to school hoping that they will feel better upon arrival.
*     Do not send your child to school if he/she is taking Prescription Pain medication.
Parents often ask about sending their child to school with a communicable disease.  Pennsylvania Department of Health offers the following guidelines and exclusions.
*     Pink eye:  24 hours after initiation of treatment
*     Strept throat:  24 hours after initiation of treatment
*     LICE:  The student will be sent home from school.  Students must receive treatment whether it be a medicated or an organic shampoo/regimen.  The student must be cleared         through the health office and found to be Nit free (eggs) and louse free before entering the classroom.
*     Chicken Pox:  Six days from the outbreak of the last crop of blisters with all pox marks dried.
*     Impetigo, Scabies and Ringworm:  May return 24 hours after the start of the medication from the physician and when sores are no longer draining.
*     Poison Ivy:  Scratching uncontrollably, should be seen by a physician.
 The District encourages Parents/Guardians to administer student medications at home rather than at school whenever possible.  When this is not possible the following guidelines must be adhered to:
*    Prescription medication must be in a properly labeled pharmacy container.
*    Medication form signed by the Parent/Guardian and completed by the ordering physician.  
*    Medication forms must be renewed every year.
*    Dose changes, new orders must have new Medication forms completed by the Physician.
 *   Parents must bring the medications to school.