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Cornell Makerspace

Calling All Makers!  Cornell Elementary is in its 2nd year of development of a Maker Space.  Thanks to Robert Morris University and the Ohio River Consortium they put together, we are able to have additions to this new and creative space.  Last year our students were introduced to the space and the lesson designs that take place.  This year we look forward to many more creations and collaborations.
Our Maker Movement started with our Maker Team.  Our Maker Team consists of Mrs. Foster, Ms. Bretch, Mrs. Ritchie, Mrs. Thomas,  Ms. Kramer, Ms. Quinn, and Mrs. Rinaldi.  Thanks to the professionalism and coleageality of our staff, all classrooms have been exposed to lessons in and from the Maker Space.  This team has worked with their own classrooms as well as teachers and students from other classrooms in creating lessons  that allow the students to think outside the box, work together, solve problems, build, and create solutions from their own creativity.
Maker space lessons are built around collaboration and problem solving at the student level.  In order to achieve this type of lesson, teachers have access to all sorts of materials and technology.  Many lessons are what we consider low tech which include items such as string, paper towel rolls, solo cups, velcro, pipe cleaners, magnets, crereal boxes, Legos, Magformers,  and more.  Some of our previous and upcoming lessons include high tech materials.  These high tech kits iclude Cubeletts, Tiny Bits, Mojo 3D Printers, and even a “coming soon” new addition Virtual Reality.  Under teacher supervision, our students also have access to tools such as hammers, screw drivers, and hot glue guns.  We certainly look forward to these lessons and what our students’ creative minds come up with next.